It’s the season for interior renovations, and when it comes to bathrooms, you really can’t go wrong!

There are plenty of options available -- you can choose to renovate an existing bathroom, create a second or third bathroom in an eligible space, or expand the floorspace of your current bathroom. Regardless of your choice, you can’t beat the value of having a clean, modern bathroom that suits all your needs

Getting the Most out of Your Bathroom Remodel

Custom bathroom remodeling is one of our specialties at Oxland. As with all projects, we plan each remodel extensively, shaping our custom renovation around your needs and desires.

But, not every homeowner knows just what they need to have a value-increasing bathroom in their home. No worries! We have you covered. We’ve compiled the top 5 aspects to focus on in your bathroom renovation this winter.

1- Fixtures

Fixtures is a simple word for just about all the important, permanent parts of your bathroom. Your tub, toilet, and sink are the big ones, and the placement of those is largely dictated by your existing plumbing. There are plenty of style options for all of these, including eco-friendly options like dual-flushing toilets.

Beyond permanent features, aesthetic fixtures can add great value and style to your new bathroom. It really pays to invest in quality fixtures, especially in the event of future resale.

Common fixtures include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Cabinet handles
  • Sink hardware
  • Mounted mirrors
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Shower heads

2- Flooring

Here’s a pro remodeling insight, on the house: Because the bathroom is its own space, you can get away with installing great flooring that stands alone, rather than matching other areas of the house! And, because bathrooms are smaller spaces, you can have superior quality flooring installed for much less than the cost for a full-sized room!

Attractive linoleums and stone tiles are popular options. Consider your style and function goals for the new bathroom, and take a look at all the incredible options available!

3- Shower

Depending on your purposes and layout, you might choose to install a combination shower/tub, or just a standup shower. Whatever you choose, be sure to plan ahead for future buyers, rather than just settling for what you can “go without.” 

Just because you’d be fine with a narrow standing shower, doesn’t mean the next buyer will be as keen. Your goal in bathroom renovation is, in part, increasing overall home value. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be all set!

4- Lighting

Lighting options for bathrooms have exploded with recent building trends. With functionality and style working hand in hand, your options for creating a bright and stylish space are virtually limitless! You might consider installing a shower spotlight overhead, or even a skylight in eligible bathrooms. Area lighting is also common for larger bathrooms, as are dimmer switches.

5- Storage

Storage includes everything from cabinets to closets. When it comes to planning for the perfect multipurpose bathroom, it pays to think “inside the box.” Who will be using the bathroom most? If it’s you, think in terms of multi-purpose. You might want a handy closet for your vacuum or ironing board. Is it a guest bathroom, or will your kids be using it the most? You may want to include low cubbies, or towel fixtures reachable at all heights.

Planning a Bathroom Renovation With Value in Mind

We at Oxland like to see folks increase the value of their homes with superior renovations. Fortunately enough, bathrooms are one area of home improvement that only appreciate in worth! 

Take a look at the current Cost Vs. Value Report to see how bathroom renovation is a good idea.

Book a Pre-Construction Meeting for Your NH Bathroom Remodel!

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